Product Design

AT IPSC LTD we work with world class designers, artists and scientists to take your product concept from start to finish.

This increasingly complex process is supported by our large team of experts who help visualise a product in great deal before it is brought to life.


Accept Situation – The designers commit to the project and identifying a solution. Available resources are consolidated to reach this goal most efficiently

Analyze – The team now collectively begins research to collect all relevant data to help reach a solution

Concept – Once the problem and potential solutions are narrowed, the final solution is identified and conceptualized in detail. This includes working out adherence to standards and how closely the visualized solution meets identified customer needs. One basic stage here is:

Define – Here, the team identifies the key issue or issues. Using the problem conditions as objectives and constraints as parameters within which to operate, the team narrows down the information

At this stage, the solutions are turned into ideas and the best ones are highlighted. These ideas of design turn into prototypes on which actual products will be based. This stage can be broken down into 4 steps:

Ideate  – Different ideas and solutions are brainstormed here. The best idea bank is created when there is no bias or judgment towards ideas presented

Select – The ideas brainstormed are narrowed down to a few which can give the best results. Plans for production can now be created

Implement – A prototype can now be created and the plan becomes a product.
Evaluate – In the final stage, the prototype should be tested and any tweaks necessary should be made. If the prototype does now perform as anticipated, further ideas may need to be brainstormed.

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